Heavy Gem

Heavy Gem is an exploration in coordinated independence, the practice of bringing different elements in a complex relationship into one body of work. The culture of choices, effort, location, humans and organisms become a web of results that divide and connect into outcome. Having no practical structure, its only responsibility is to take on different shapes. Without the traditional burdens of business or collaboration it’s free to live far out on the edges of approach. Heavy Gem is a creative luxury.

A bright and heavy light broke across the landscape. The babies woke up but were glued down. Resinous and saturated, the resident vegetative growth began to expand and contract in unpredictable intervals.
The sap was neon green and tasted like starfruit. Once the tongues were coated, everybody flew away.
Double IPA. Simcoe and Equinox Lupulin Powder.
Many months trying on different masks and adjusting to different lenses. Blonde and weightless. A brightly colored anchor made to create splinters. Building a lightbox from oak and living in it.
Mature Barrel-Fermented Saison. Mixed oak. 24 months.

Purchasing Information

Heavy Gem will be available for purchase at: 4257 N Lincoln Ave Chicago, IL 60618 on March 17th and 35 Cricket Terr Ardmore, PA 19003 on March 19th.